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Ryan Gaston
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Ryan Gaston A very solid record with a lot of great moments. Riffs come in and out and constantly leave you wanting to hear more. The vocals are not the forefront of each song, to make way for the music to take center stage, but when the vocals do come in, they make a wonderful and seamless accompaniment to everything going on elsewhere within each song. The intricate detail, sound quality, and mixing on each song all shows just how much time and effort went into making this incredibly infectious album. Favorite track: Last Fall.
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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Weaver spring 2014.


released June 5, 2014

Chris Albers - guitar, vocals
Colin Ferguson - bass
Andon Whitehorn - guitar, vocals
Jonathan Youngblood - drums



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Cedres Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Old News
For too long
I've waited for this
It's been too long
Since I've felt this gorgeous
I'm betting this all on you
I want you to see this through
For too long
I've waited for this
Prove them wrong
Play them, forget
I'm betting this all on you
They're betting you won't pull through
Track Name: Given Time
Words written in cars
Shouldn't have gotten me this far
But given time
They could have
Meant something to me (to me)
With empty thoughts on a crowded page
And sentiments devoid of age
Time's up, and there's no asking for more
Shaking, open the door
And it's all
The same
As it was before (before)
With crowded thoughts on an empty page
Full of ink, but holds no weight
Track Name: Last Fall
Like you're waiting
For something
When you were here
You said something
Track Name: Fools Suffer
It's hard
To be avant garde
When you haven't got a clue
What other people do
So take time
Get it right
But don't do it just for me
I'm difficult to please
You're right
I'm not kind
But I'm not the kind to tell you
You nailed it if it nailed you
If it seems cruel
I've got better things to do
Than talk circles here with you
It's hard to let it go
And say
"I don't know"
Track Name: Vista
Know the masculine
Keep to the feminine
Keep to what's within
Track Name: Kaya
What's got a hold
Of your soul
And won't let go
It won't let go
Track Name: One Now, Two Later
Shapes and colors align
When I open my eyes
I pull the focus so close
And put the focus on what's mine
Why don't you take your time
Instead of taking mine
This test is pointless
I want it all
A week, or quarter hour
It's your call
You rest on your laurels and god
Damn, it's a shame
When sated faces, they
All look the same
If you wait around enough you stand to gain
But wait too long, you don't get anything (you don't get anything)
Track Name: Long Lifer
Taken aback
By your antics
Thoughts choking for
Proper semantics
Surrounded by
All these people
Smoking, drinking
Nothing happening
What did I say
To make you think that
I was interested
To hear about your day
Talk in circles
Tell me what you think
Forwards, backwards
'Til I need a drink
Can't get over

Doesn't offer anything
Please keep talking
I swear I'm listening
And I can't get enough
I wish I were
A gemini
So that I could
Kill myself twice (could kill myself twice)

Is it really anything